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LAZORD Lens Specifications

♥ These lenses contain many features that make them prominent in the world of beauty and fashion and make them an essential thing to complete the general view, as their color is very distinctive in the world of lenses:

♦ It is characterized by the presence of a sufficient percentage of water that allows the passage of oxygen, as it is used cosmetically and medically.

♦ Protects from various rays such as ultraviolet and the sun.

♦ It is characterized by eye protection from all kinds of pollutants such as dust, mist, smoke and all the like.

♦ It has been specially designed to suit allergy-causing defects.

♦ It has an attractive blue color that highlights the beauty of the eye.

♦ It is characterized by allowing the eye to be supplied with the right amount of oxygen.

♦ It is characterized by making the eye wet and soft for long periods, unlike other lenses.

♦ This lens is distinguished by its use with the change of its preservation solution.

♦ It has the advantage that it does not need a drop of moisture, but is automatically moist.

Lens Features

Water content: 42% Diameter: 14.2 mm Base curve: 8.6 mm Lens duration: 1 year

The most popular colors

White Smoky - Pure Green - Smoky Gray

duration of use

Lazord lenses are suitable for use for a period of 12 months, even with frequent daily use, provided that the lenses are safely stored using a lens preservation solution, and the correct instructions are followed when wearing the lenses.

The LAZORD group of lenses offers a 12-month period of use for lenses, even with daily use of lenses, and then replace them after the trial period has passed and the customer is convinced of the quality of the lenses

lens price

The price of LAZORD lenses is very suitable for the quality of the material, and the color excellence,

The lenses do not include the solution

.The color of the lenses may differ slightly from those shown in the image on our website, depending on eye color and lighting conditions

Shipping Policy

For orders placed using the "Click and Collect" service, delivery is free.

Expected delivery next business day. Eyeglasses and contact lenses may need an extra 3 days to deliver.

For orders over 199 AED, delivery is free. For orders less than 199 AED, the delivery fee is 30 AED

For international shipping, the standards vary according to the size of the country to which it is sent, and the Rome app will calculate the shipping cost and duration on your  

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