Bella One Day – Ash Brown

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Bella One Day – Ash Brown

The beautiful brown color suitable for everyday use is the perfect solution for Bella Ash Brown lenses

Bella One Day's Biocompatible elements make the lens soft & comfortable throughout the day! High Water retention that allows high oxygen permeability. Ideal for eye dryness with a high-definition design & UV blocker

Features of Bella lenses

Completely natural cosmetic lenses that people do not differ in, as they have a distinctive color that is not found in any other type of contact lenses.

 The calm gray color blends with the calm brown color to give the eyes a natural and attractive look.

The lenses work to reduce the percentage of harmful ultraviolet rays that can reach the eyes, but you need to have sunglasses.

The lenses can pass a good amount of air into the eye through their ventilation holes.

Lens specifications

Lens brand: Bella

Lens color: Ash Brown.

Water percentage: The percentage of water in the lenses is 38%

Lens type: cosmetic & medical.

Package Contents: The package comes with a pair of Bella lenses inside their small box.

Lens base curvature: 8.6

Daily measurement: 14.2

Bella One Day Ash Brown | عدسات بيلا اليومية أش براون | color Daily Lenses

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