Return Policy Page

We always strive to fulfill your purchasing desires, but if you decide to exchange or return any product, do not worry, dear customer

We give you a period of 3 days in the following cases:

1) If the product arrived damaged or different from the one you registered in the order

The lens is not exchanged if it is opened just because you do not like the color

But allow us to ask you that the product is in its original condition and the box or packaging has not been torn or damaged.

Also, allow us to instruct you to communicate with us during the exchange and return period, and to register the desire to exchange or return by sending a short message.

Through the (contact us) section or by sending a message to the registered WhatsApp number 0564948368 and make sure that we will respond, God willing

We would like to remind you, dear, that registering on the site enables us to serve you in the required manner and also makes you benefit from the exchange and return policy

It is all the services and offers on the site better

With all appreciation and respect for your decision, the value of the product will be returned within 72 hours by bank transfer to the bank account of the applicant personally.