Bella Elite Lavender Gray

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Bella Elite Lavender Gray 

Calm gray mixed with enchanting violet, the color of the wonderful violet flower takes you to the enchanting beauty of nature

The Bella Elite collection features elegant colors with a very slight limbal ring that looks natural on dark eyes. These colors can be worn with an evening makeup look as well as a natural everyday look. From Sandy Brown to Gray Beige, this range is a must-have for your color lens collection!

Features of Bella lenses

Completely natural cosmetic lenses that people do not differ in, as they have a distinctive color that is not found in any other type of contact lenses.

 The calm gray color blends with the calm brown color to give the eyes a natural and attractive look.

The lenses work to reduce the percentage of harmful ultraviolet rays that can reach the eyes, but you need to have sunglasses.

The lenses can pass a good amount of air into the eye through their ventilation holes.

Lens specifications

Lens brand: Bella.

Lens color: Lavender Gray.

Water percentage: The percentage of water in the lenses is 38%

Lens type: cosmetic & medical.

Package Contents: The package comes with a pair of Bella lenses inside their small box.

Lens base curvature: 8.6

Daily measurement: 14.2

Monthly measurement: 14.5

Bella Elite Lavender Gray | عدسات بيلا لافاندر غراي | Bella Lenses Dubai

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