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Afle Lenses  Agate

AFLE offers you an impressive array of colored contact lenses that suit every skin tone and eye color. These months lenses come in both Plano and Power. They not only look pretty and natural but are comfortable to wear giving your eyes a clear vision and a magnificent look to enhance your beauty.

Choose your favorite color from their wide collection available at a great price. Show the world your gracious eyes with AFLE lenses.

Usage: Artificial contact lenses add an attractive and elegant look to the eye

Advantages of contact lenses

Medical contact lenses that are safe on the eyes with their own solution, clean them well and protect them

It is elaborately and modernly made, as it incorporates medical techniques to protect the eye

Designed with a sandwich feature, by placing the color of the lens between two layers of transparency to protect it for long periods

It comes in a distinctive color, the honey color preferred by many, as it is able to attract attention

Contact lenses add more elegance and attractiveness to women, making you look like a star with an attractive and charming look

It works to highlight the color and shape of the eye well, to increase the beauty of your face

A color that suggests attractiveness and romance, as it is able to excite the senses and attract the life partner to you, when you meet on special romantic evenings

You can use it at all times, it suits all different occasions, and is easy to install

Allows oxygen to pass through to the eye, and this helps protect the eyes from drying out

It does not cause discomfort during the installation of the eye, it does not affect the movement of the eye or looking at things

It dilates the pupil and that's what makes you special

Use with makeup, in order to add more attractiveness to your look

It comes with a solution for washing and storing it in a way that preserves its luster for long periods of time

It is not affected by the eye's tear secretions, or eye movements, but remains stable for long periods

The most popular color lenses

Argent - Deep - Sand - Agate

duration of use

Affle lenses are suitable for use for a period of 6 months, even with frequent daily use.

Provided the safety of storing the lenses using the lens preservation solution, and following the correct instructions when wearing the lenses.

A new range offers Affle lenses with a period of use of lenses, even with daily use of lenses

 Then replace them after the trial period has passed and the customer is convinced of the quality of the lenses

lens price

The price of Affle lenses is very suitable for the quality of the material, the distinction of colors, and the beauty and splendor of the look provided by the lenses.

The lenses do not include the solution

.The color of the lenses may differ slightly from those shown in the image on our website, depending on eye color and lighting conditions

Shipping Policy

For orders over 199 AED, delivery is free. For orders less than 199 AED, the delivery fee is 30 AED

For orders placed using the "Click and Collect" service, delivery is free.

Expected delivery next business day. Eyeglasses and contact lenses may need an extra 3 days to deliver.

For international shipping, the standards vary according to the size of the country to which it is sent, and the Rome app will calculate the shipping cost and duration on your order

More Info

Contact Package SizePack of 2 lenses
Water Content43%
Diameter14.3 mm
Contact Lens Replacement6 months
Contact Lens UseBeauty
Brandlenses AFLE
Base Curve8.8
Contact Lens TypeColor Contact Lenses

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