Character Style Eyebrow 4 Tip

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Character Style eyebrow pen is a unique eyebrow pen that helps you create sleek and sharp arches that harness a micro-bladed appearance – without experiencing any pain. An innovative, 4-prong tip is soft but firm, gliding effortlessly in ultra-precise strokes to resemble your natural brow hair.


  • Its light, super-pigmented water-based formula adheres perfectly to the skin and dries quickly.
  • It stays flawless for up to 24 hours.
  • The practical triple-felt-tip applicator allows for ultra-precise control and creates closely-spaced and subtle lines, for a natural finish that gives the appearance of eyebrow hairs.
  • Line thickness and intensity are buildable by increasing the tip's pressure on the eyebrow arch.
  • It is easy to remove.

How to Apply:- 
Raise the pen tip 45 degrees and draw eyebrows along the growth direction. Gently draw hairlike strokes using the broad part of the brow pen. Gently draw the tail using the narrow/ Fine area.

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