Amara Pearl

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Amara Pearl

Color Lightning Charming Bold Color Gray Unspecified Pearl Strong Choice.

Amara Pearl is an exquisite light gray colored lens that combines light and medium gray tones with pearly silver to create an exceptional shade.

Amara lenses occupy a prominent place in the world of colored lenses. With its natural colors that enhance the natural beauty of the eyes.

Lens specifications

Lens brand: Amara

Lens color: light gray.

Water percentage: 38%

unit package: 2 pcs.

Lens base curvature: 8.7

Daily measurement: 14.5

Replacement: Monthly

Amara lenses specifications

  • Amara lenses feature a wide variety of monthly lens colors.
  • Beautiful, suitable for tastes, as you distinguish.
  • The finishing touch to any look, and the perfect companion for all your occasions!

popular monthly colors for Amara lenses

Sandy - Dark Sepia - Cinnamon - Tan

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