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Premium makeup brushes from Rome

It contains 12 different types of wonderful brushes

The charming shiny silver brushes are now attracting attention

Charming golden colour

A unique collection of modern cohesive bristles that allow you to use the product many times without affecting it negatively

Solid wood handle gives comfort and ease of use

Components of a makeup brush set

10 different type of brushes

No. 1 Foundation

No. 2 face contour

No. 3 contour eyes and forehead

No. 4 Combing the eyebrows and drawing them with two heads

No. 5 eye shadow fixing

No. 6 Blending foundation colors

No. 7 brushes for small, delicate places

No. 8 angle drawing brushes

No. 9 merging blusher

No. 10 distributes make-up in the face

No. 11 The combination of shadow and contour

No. 12 Cleansing makeup

The brushes are of excellent quality and can be used many times

And it can be washed and dried with each set that comes with a wonderful leather house to keep the brushes and their safety

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