Lens Me Sky Blue

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Lensme Sky Blue

When creativity is manifested in a lens inspired by the color of the sea, reflecting on it the color of clear white clouds, sail with us in Lens Me lenses so that you can see the creativity.

Lensme Sky Blue is a light blue shade without contour around it. Its soft shade of blue makes it versatile to every wearer's natural eye color.

Lensme has a range of beautiful and extremely natural colors. Designed for comfort and extended wear, the lenses are sure to make your eyes sparkle.

What distinguishes Lens me

  • Colored lenses are designed for you to distinguish the beauty of your eyes. Designed with an innovative and unique feature, it allows oxygen to pass through the eye, making the eye white without redness.
  • Suitable to wear with makeup for a more attractive look.
  • The best brand of Lens Me contact lenses, colored contacts, Yasmine Sabry collection
  • Glow with attractive eyes that are consistent with your skin tone and your daily makeup color
  • Show your beauty and femininity with lenses with an innovative and unique feature

Lens me colors

Latte - Marble - Tea - Montour - Caramel - Honey - Brown

Duration of use

Lens me lenses are designed for monthly use. They are suitable for 3 to 6 months of use Taking into account climate change, temperature, use and care

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