Amara Sandy

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Amara Sandy

The distinctive color of the feature Amal Al-Ansari is one of the most requested colors that enlarges the eye and gives serious beauty.

Amara Sandy: gives you that trendy, fresh look and brightens up dark eyes well. It combines a deep brown with a lighter hazel.

Amara lenses occupy a prominent place in the world of colored lenses. With its natural colors that enhance the natural beauty of the eyes.

Lens specifications

Lens brand: Amara

Lens color: brown.

Water percentage: 38%

unit package: 2 pcs.

Lens base curvature: 8.7

Diameter: 14.5

Replacement: Monthly

Amara lenses specifications

  • Amara lenses feature a wide variety of monthly lens colors.
  • Beautiful, suitable for tastes, as you distinguish.
  • The finishing touch to any look, and the perfect companion for all your occasions!

popular monthly colors for Amara lenses

Sandy - Dark Sepia - Cinnamon - Tan

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